Klaviyo Migration

Make the move for $1,499

Expert help to move from another email service provider (ESP) to Klaviyo in a systematic and time-bound fashion without hiccups. 

How we work

If your current Email Service Provider (ESP) isn’t fulfilling your dreams, it might be time to move on. 

Klaviyo fuses data-driven insights, creative vision and powerful automation together to create email solutions that convert.

We will create your account and migrate your current ESP (Email Service Provider) data over so it’s ready for you to use its magic. 

We’ll ensure the migration process will be smooth sailing by using proper tools, technical knowledge and previous experience.

Moving to Klaviyo from another ESP means your sender’s reputation starts from scratch. This is why our Migration Package boasts a successful warm-up campaign in the first four weeks.

Our email flows include custom design work, copywriting and a marketing strategy.

First, we’ll identify your key product features, imagine questions or issues a potential customer may have before making a purchase, and break down the barriers to purchase in a fun, engaging and story-telling way.

Next we’ll create templates and style reusable blocks so you can mix and match to build your own varied layouts from campaign to campaign.

We use Klaviyo’s powerful technology to segment and personalise your buyer’s experience to get them to come back, review, refer, share, and become long-term brand advocates.

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Leave it up to the experts

If you’re looking for a Klaviyo pro, you’ve come to the right place! As a certified Klaviyo Master, we are well placed to supercharge your email marketing flows and campaigns.

What's Included?

By hiring an expert to handle your migration you’ll receive best practices and insider tactics to boost your growth and community. 

During the process we’ll take care of:

  • Swap out embedded simple sign up forms
  • Redirect integrated subscriber forms
  • Import current bounces and unsubscribes (suppression list)
  • Migrate current autoresponders
  • Import all existing subscribers
  • A deep-linked integration with your Shopify website and making sure emails go into the right lists via audience segmentation
  • Design and modify templates to match your branding
  • Style the update email preferences pages and forms to match your branding
  • Custom subject lines for a high-open rate
  • Copy to reflect the correct message to the segmented customer
  • Responsive pop-up on website (if preferred)
  • Move to single opt-in without email confirmation (if preferred)
  • Testing and 4-week strategy to ensure a smooth process

Email Setup

We’ll setup an infastructure to segment your engaged audience to improve sender reputation and warm up your IP.

We’ll integrate a proven 4-step process:

  1. Turn on high engagement flows
  2. Migrate your engagement data over from your previous email service provider
  3. Create engaged segments and email campaigns (if opted for this)
  4. Monitor your performance

We’ll also integrate the three types of flows that typically see very high engagement.

  • 2-part Segmented Welcome Drip (Pre-Purchase Nurturing). This will be automatically sent when someone signs up to the email list (but haven’t purchased). Over the course of two weeks the subscriber learns about your unique value proposition, your products, and your business, plus an offer to push to purchase.
  • 2-part Multi Day Abandoned Cart Flow. Designed to capture your potential customer’s attention and bring them back into your sales cycle. We’ll surface problems or questions your prospects might have and present offers the right way to maximise conversions.
  • Browse Abandonment Campaign. If an existing subscriber browsed a product multiple times, but didn’t buy or initiate a checkout we’ll gently touch base with them. We use this email to demonstrate the value and features of the products they were viewing, and suggest similar or best-selling products. as many subscribers as possible.

We’ll also create warming segments based on engagement over 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 days. You will use these when sending over time, starting with your 30 day segment. If you send to inactive subscribers, you will risk of having your emails moved to spam by ESPs (like Google, Hotmail, etc.).

Discover All Our Klaviyo Services

If you’re not sure this package is right for you, then check out another one below or contact us for a custom deal.


We have helped many people and businesses from around the world. Let them do the talking for us.

“Siri has been amazing for our business. We needed someone to migrate from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and set up all our flows and start sending our newsletters from Klaviyo. The process was really easy and technically really well set up. Our results have been fantastic since we started sending from Klaviyo. Siri is very thorough, professional and quick. Thank you so much.”
Tammy & Kylie from Skye + Lach Co